Girl, Wash Your Feet

6th Sep 2018

I honestly didn't think my first blog post would be about the "washing of feet," but the Lord has a wild since of humor doesn't He? 

We find in John chapter 13 Jesus washing the disciples feet. Why you ask? Well, for several reasons, but the one I am going to focus on today is the reason He washed the disciples feet instead of the disciples washing His feet; which is how we probably thought it should of been. At the time the disciples didn't understand this, this symbolized a heart check. So, before I jump into this let me ask you....where is your heart? Does it need an attitude adjustment? I just want you to clear your heart for a minute and think about it this way. When Jesus bent down to wash the disciples feet, do you realize He was doing the lowliest of the servants job? WHAT IF... for a moment we put down our judgement and looked at that position? WHAT IF... for just a second we decided to LOVE on those the world tells us to judge? 

If you follow me, you know this book "GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE" is on my top 10 list! {before you ask, I will get to the other 9 in a later post} 

Some of my friends and I have expressed some concern about a few things we don’t really agree with. Not only in Girl, Wash Your Face, but even in some of Rachel's post on social media. See, in their podcast RISE TOGETHER their mantra is "we're here to share some things that worked FOR US." Rachel's book is about HER LIFE and what worked FOR HER. It isn't the BIBLE ladies, it is HER story. A recent blog post titled, " Girl, Wash Your Face? What Rachel Hollis Gets Right...and Wrong" has been circulating around my little hometown of Paris, Texas; those who know I have been a huge fan of Rachel and an even bigger fan of Jesus have asked me what I thought. So, here I am. 

If you can change ONE life [and she has changed MANY] if you can give someone the confidence, self love, positiveness, ambition, etc that they need in their lives.... wouldn’t you?

I can’t imagine how many dark places this book has hit for many women... 

Do I agree 100% with Rachel Hollis ? Nope. And that’s okay! WE ARE NOT PERFECT, God doesn’t call us to be! He calls us to be light, and that is what Rachel is doing in her own way. She’s reaching the world, and in that she’s throwing in some Jesus too { not exactly how I agree with, but that’s not my place } I don't know Mrs. Hollis' next step but I believe she loves the Lord and He has a specific plan for her and A PURPOSE for her life and her platform.

I agree with Alisa Childers in her saying, "As Christians, the why and how are crucial." Here's the thing though... I am not Rachel Hollis! I don't know her WHY, I know what I read... but to you, the person reading this right now... Do you know my WHY? I mean, you may even be my best friend and not know my why, but SOMETIMES I don't even know; but Jesus does. He knows HIS plans for Rachel and He knows his plans for me. I may not even live to see HIS plans for my life, they may exist beyond me but on a side note.... I can't wait to celebrate those with Him. 

So, if you have read this article and became a little discourage, please don't allow someone else's opinion to skew yours. I used to be afraid to voice my view, I avoided talking about things that I agreed with and especially what I didn't agree with. Rachel helped me find my voice and be ok with the FACT that it is MY opinion. I allowed my fear to smother the light God told me to shine! So, here is MY opinion:

1. Your Happiness depends on YOU and your JOY comes from the LORD. My heart hurts for you if you have yet to experience the difference between the two. Joy comes from the Lord. When I have peace, I find my joy, even in the hardest times. Am I perfect in this? Absolutely not! Happiness is temporary, it is external. When I went through a dark season in my life, I had lost my joy along with my happiness. FOR ME, I was able to pull myself out of this depression with the help of an amazing Christian counselor who helped me find my JOY in CHRIST, while also working alongside my Christian PCP who taught me how to find happiness in taking care of myself externally. To have both joy and happiness is a blessing!

2. You should NEVER give up on the dream GOD placed within you. God isn't going to hand you the dreams and goals He placed in your heart while you are in your comfort zone. (if he did, I wouldn't be writing this right now) Step out of that zone sister and cling to HIM, DELIGHT in HIM and HE WILL give you the desires HE has placed on your heart (John 37:4) Do you think you just sat there and thought about those dreams? You just envisioned those on your own? Rachel's dreams are her dreams, my dreams are MY dreams. When our hearts are aligned with the Lord, HE will reveal those dreams to us. I am not here to judge Rachel's dreams, but I was encouraged by that chapter. I also know that "NO" sometimes is the Lord's direction. That's where my relationship with the Lord comes in....

3. Do I agree with Rachel's view of Christianity and Religious Pluralism? No, I don't. Honestly, as a 100% Jesus Girl, it breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. This is actually the deepest issue I have with Rachel Hollis. I read a girls comment on a post from Rachel that has since been deleted but it said something like this, " When I first picked up your book I quickly realized you were another one of those Jesus people so I stopped reading it." She went on to say something about being tired of people preaching Jesus to her. BUT here is the catch (as if THIS Jesus girl wasn't going HELLLOOOO obviously the Lord is speaking, insert flashing sign) she went on to tell Rachel that since she posted that post...she would go ahead and finish the book. NOT because Rachel Hollis' post was making it "ok" to "worship who you worship" but because she now felt no pressure and JUDGEMENT from Rachel. So, let me ask you this..... WHAT IF the post that originally offended me is what leads this girl to the Lord?

4.Moving right into the "JUDGEMENT" phrase.... can you of NO sin cast the first stone? If GOD sent his son NOT for judgment and condemnation, do you think that is why He put us on this earth? God sent HIS son so that people would be saved through Him! We are called to be LIGHT. Honestly, I could keep going but this blog is getting longer than intended. oops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  But, before I get off this subject let me get you a quick link, that in my opinion, gives Biblical definition to the difference in judgement vs. discernment....

5.The S word...SIN. To be honest, it has been a while since I read Girl, Wash Your Face but I not once felt like Rachel was saying SIN was good nor did I feel she was condemning me for my sins. BUT in saying this, I READ THIS BOOK FOR MYSELF, these opinions of mine are simply that, MINE. What I get from a book may not be what you get. Growing up with a "strict southern baptist" background to now being a nondenominational Christian JESUS Girl, I have learned a lot! Growing up, I believed what others told me was in the Bible. I had a skewed vision of what and who I thought this God was. It was not until I was "grown" (ok ok I was only 19 but I was married with a baby and trying to learn how to adult),and in counseling, at a rock bottom place, did I pick up the word of God (NIV) and read it for myself did I truly know what the Bible said. I finally understood who God was!

Please, please do NOT allow other peoples views and opinions skew your thinking! Pick it up, and read it for yourself! Rachel's book is about HER life and worked for HER! Does that mean it will work for you? NO. Does that mean you will 100% agree with her? Absolutely not! Did "Girl, Wash Your Face" change some things in my life? YES! It gave me a new ambition I didn't have before. Her movie "MADE FOR MORE," brought out dreams the Lord placed on my heart YEARS ago and I am chasing one RIGHT NOW. If this post changes ONE persons life, it was WORTH IT. 

So, let me ask you this... did you check your heart? Are you ready to join Jesus in washing feet? Did you know, Jesus even washed Judas' feet? Judas Iscariot is the disciple who betrayed Jesus and although Jesus KNEW he would soon betray him, he STILL WASHED HIS FEET! So, tell me.... are you washing the feet of others?